Basic: Simple and Efficient

This routine covers all basic steps within a routine. Anything less than this is a skincare sin. A cleanser is optional but not required for your morning routine. This is because overcleansing may lead to damaging your skin's moisture barrier (your outer layer of your epidermis). The light moisturizer should not leave a sticky feeling on your skin. Certain products may combine SPF protection together. If that is the case, you can combine both the AM moisturizer step and the SPF protection step. SPF protection helps to reduce skin scars from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is also crucial for anti-aging goals. Do not skip UV protection unless you are just starting out and adding in products one by one. All example products are common drugstore products and may differ based on your location. For complete beginners, you should add products into your stable routine in the order of: Water-based cleanser > oil cleanser + UV protection > Moisturizer(s) This can be achieved in the PillowSkin app by selecting "Quick Create" under Versions.


Splash with water
Light Moisturizer
Sun protection, at least SPF30 if mostly indoors, at least SPF50 if mostly outdoors. Avoid sprays.


Oil-based cleanser, for makeup and UV protection
Water-based cleanser, for bacterial and residual impurities
Light moisturizer
Heavy moisturizer, if needed

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