Basic Routine Checkpoint

Published on Jan 12, 2020 Last updated on Jan 12, 2019

You've reached your first milestone to be proud about! You're finally getting started on your skincare journey, one product at a time. A round of applause please!

By now you should have conducted a few product tests and you are starting to get the hang of product testing. Not only that, but you've finally nailed down the the building blocks of your routine, and are of course cleansing regularly. Your skin state should also be relatively stable too!

How should your routine look like now?

Different occasions and timings have different needs. Thus, try experimenting with different positioning variations of this basic routine. Usually, most people will only have two variations, a morning and an evening routine. More advanced skincare enthusiasts may have much more complex routine variations. For example, some may have a variation for mornings, during work lunch hour, after work touch-up, parties, evening. The variation will depend on the occasion and events happening on that day.

Your routine would ressemble something like this: Morning

  1. Normal Cleanser or splash with water
  2. Moisturiser
  3. Sunscreen


  1. Oil-solvent cleanser
  2. Normal Cleanser
  3. Moisturiser

If so, pat yourself on the back for following the guide's instructions well!

A word on including makeup into your routine

Including makeup products as part of a skincare routine is not recommended. If you currently apply makeup right after your skincare routine, then it might make sense to have all the products together with your skincare routine. However, you should see it as a completely different series of steps. Skincare is concerned with the bare skin, while makeup is concerned with covering the skin. By mixing them together, you make things less flexible for yourself and results in clutter too.

Moving makeup to a separate routine allows you to have different routine variations, which can help in organizing makeup steps into specific repeatable “looks”, or allow different routines for different situations.

As always, treat makeup products the same as skincare products and perform product tests on them. They can cause negative skin reactions as well, so add them into your makeup routines cautiously, one at a time, to ensure that you do not have negative reactions to products.

Help, my skin is still not stable!

Do not proceed on until you are confident that your basic routine does not result in any negative reactions. Your skin state should be consistent from day to day, and should not be fluctuating between days. This is with the exception of hormonal acne, which will flare up according to the changes in the hormonal cycle.

If you have been following the product testing guides, you will have been able to isolate which of the added product is causing negative reactions and eliminated it before it made your skin state worse off.

If your skin state is still fluctuating despite following all of the product testing guides (coming soon!), you may have an existing product that did not undergo the proper product test that may be causing the reactions. Try to determine the culprit by removing all untested products and only include them back into your routine one by one. (Product testing guidelines state that you should not even be using untested products together!).

If you suspect that you have hormonal acne, you will be able to observe that you will have alternating periods of clear skin and angry skin. The alternations will follow your menstrual cycle, so it is important to keep track of your cycle to know if the cause is truly hormonal acne. If you are sure that it is hormones that are the cause, you can continue reading on to find out ways to mitigate flare ups.

As always, consult a dermatologist if you are at a complete loss at what is happening to your skin. A good basic skincare routine can only get you so far if you have a serious skin condition. Don't be afraid, doctors are there to help, not to scare!

Routine consistency and Fun

Remember that that you are building a skincare routine. Just a skincare routine. It shouldn't feel like a military drill, where every step is a pain to do. Have fun with it! Play! Drag your Significant Other into doing it with you! It shouldn't feel like a chore, nor should it be boring.

Don't beat yourself up about skipping a routine, once or twice is fine. Don't be too harsh on yourself. Accidentally applied products out of order? It's all OK, nothing terrible is happened. Just do a quick rinse and re-apply your routine, that's all. The most important thing is to have fun!

What now?

Now, we're going to zoom into specific types of products that we can incorporate into our routine, understand what they do, and also learn how to pick out these products. Ready? Sounds fun? Awesome, onwards let's go!