The PillowSkin Guides

What to Expect

This skincare guidebook serves as a companion to the PillowSkin App, and will make references to in-app features where applicable. However, it is intended as a universal guide for all, whether you are a PillowSkin subscriber or not.

If you have decided to dive headfirst into the skincare world, take these guides as a pinch (or maybe a slap) of sanity, in a world where corporations all over are vying for the money in your wallet.

What Not To Expect

The guides are not about product recommendations. There will be no “rave” reviews, “holy grail” product discussions, or recommendations based on anecdotal experience. All buying decisions are up to you, and all product mentions are kept as unopinionated and objective as possible.

Routine Building

You will go from absolute cluelessness about skincare, to building your very own customized skincare routine. Start here if you have found yourself standing in the middle of a drugstore aisle stumped about what type of product you should get for your skin issues.