Random Discussion Thread

Thread for random stuff/rants that don’t really need a separate thread

So I’ve been following the practice of halving the pads of the Stridex Red box, and turns out that today was the day where I needed to cut another new batch of halves again.

So I reach for my stationary box and grab my scissors, did a quick wipe of the blade and got down to cutting the pads into half.

Just when I’m checking my handiwork, I flip the stack or pads over and to my horror, there’s blue ink smeared all over the back of the stack. The ink has soaked all the way through, so the pads are completely unsalvagable…

Turns out that there was blue ink on the black scissors handle (that leaked from a pen) and I didn’t realise it until my filthy fingers had dyed my precious stridex pad blue. :man_facepalming:

I guess I’ll have a dedicated skincare scissors in the future :sweat_smile: