Dev Diary #2: Fresh Updates

6 Sept Major Update

This update brings about a product pivot. Previously, the product was all about providing knowledgable skincare users the ability to plan their routines and research for their perfect product. However, this requires that the user knows and understands which ingredients to go for.

After much deliberation and design considerations, the feature set has been majorly scaled back, in favour of a hands-off approach to skincare. Hands off meaning that finding products should take the most minmal effort possible.

Of course, all previous development efforts will not go to waste, and I’ll adapt the code to fit into this new vision. The new product will heavily feature a product recommendation system. The goal is for the average time-strapped person to be able to skip the product researching portion completely, a very different approach than before.

Other major changes involves a freemium approach, with a timer-based ability for recommendation refreshes.

Many ingredients still need to be tagged before the recommendation algorithm becomes truly accurate, so stay tuned, I hope to get it fully usable by the end of September.

18 Sept Minor Update Changelog

  1. Products now have image thumbnails where available
  2. Search has been re-implemented, free users can search for products, while premium users are given advanced search options.
  3. Product reports have been reworked with a tabular layout. You can now see product dupes with similar ingredient lists under the “Dupes” tab.

5 Oct Update

  1. Ingredient list analysis - you can now copy-paste in ingredient lists to analyze. All past analyzed ingredient lists are saved for you to reference.
  2. Skin profile and your reviews have been shifted to the “Profile” tab.
  3. The Dupes tab now does not take ages to load.

8 Oct Update

  1. You can now see metrics for products based on their ingredient lists in the product scorecard. These metrics are derived from how frequent certain ingredients appear across all products, so you can use this data to directly compare products without issue.
  2. You can also see irritation-related metrics, such as the number of ingredients labelled as EU allergens, and fragrances.
  3. Stability fixes

8 Oct - 3 Nov Update(s)

  1. Public rankings are now available on our homepage, limited to 10.
  2. Certain product pages are now published publicly. For full access to the product database, users need to sign into the app. Ingredient pages with citations to relevant studies are also publicly published.
  3. Price tracking has been expanded to support the following sites: Jolse, Cosmetic Love, iHerb, BlueMercury, Chemist Warehouse, SokoGlam, SpaceNK, Ulta.
  4. In-app product pages now show product rankings per category and concern.

The month of Oct has been mostly used for writing our internal ranking and automation algorithms, hence the rankings debut this month.

P.S. Personalized rankings are a little broken, please ignore it for now.

8 Nov Update

  1. Critical bugfixes and spam protection
  2. Forum can now be viewed in-app, with automatic sign in.
  3. Price tracking support has been extended to Sephora (US)

4 Dec Update

  1. Revamped recommendations now uses a Like/Skip system.
    • Liked products are shown under the Liked tab, where you can then review them after trying them out.
  2. Streamlined reviews - non-essential form fields have been eliminated, to keep the reviewing process as simple as possible.
  3. Critical Bugfixes.

10 Dec Update

  1. Bugfixes and optimizations
    • Ingredient counts are now correct
    • Sped things up when creating new recommendations

18 Dec Minor Update

  1. UI bug fixes and optimizations
  2. Ranking improvements

19 Jan Update

  1. Overhaul of webapp, now most functionality is public facing and does not require signing in.
  2. A planner is available for planning routines, comparing products. It is drag-and-drop enabled, so you can drag products directly into it.
  3. Deal finding features are now available, and automatically finds deals based on products in the planner. It optimizes the number of retailers to purchase from and product costs, so it should be the best deal available after forex conversion.

25 Jan Update

  1. A combined price history chart is now shown when browsing deals.
  2. Products organized in the planner can be easily shared.
  3. Stability bug fixes