Designing the Product Review Feature

Product reviews is a critical part of the skincare process. There are various aspects that the product review features are intended to tackle:

  1. Saving information about a user’s experience with the product
  2. Sharing information with other users, such that all users can benefit from each others’ experiences.

However, there are also some challenges:

  • data privacy, such that no private data is exposed
  • prevent review gaming by companies

Draft Feature

What I have come up with, is something like this:

  • structured fields that need to be filled in, that cover non-subjective areas such as:
    • package quality
    • smell
    • texture
    • skin sensation after applying
  • unstructured field for other notes about the product, for free-form thoughts
  • Marking usage the product as “Abandoned”, “Emptied”
  • Mark future repurchase of the product as “Never”, “If Desperate”, “Always”

Users will also have to update their personal skin information, such as skin type and climate.

Also, because of our small community size, I think that it is better to allow for each user to view each others’ saved product reviews for now, as the number of products far outnumbers the user count.

Do let me know what you think, I will be updating here about changes in the design over the course of the month.

As a person’s skin type can be a little hard to determine, I’m considering implementing a “determine your skin type” tool to help people figure out their skin types in a more objective manner.

This will probably be based on the Baumann Skin Types, which seems to be one of the only methodologies out there for skin type classification.

Another skin type classification system I’ve come across is the Roberts Skin Type Classification, which attempts to predict the outcome of skin treatments and skin reactions.

This remains to-be-decided

Skin type determination will be shifted to be worked on at the same time as the routine/product recommendation features.

It should come after the payments update (scheduled in end March), as I don’t want scope creep for the current reviewing feature.

I hope to finish the product review feature by 2nd week of March. Wish me luck :smiley:

The product reviewing feature has been rolled out!

Here’s how the form looks like:

And how the display of your review looks like:

Right now, reviews are not shared among other users, though I intend to incorporate it as part of discovering new products. I will be improving the feature incrementally as time goes by.