New Interface for Blacklisting, and the Enthusiast Plan

By Tze Yiing Published on May 16, 2020

This new update brings about major changes to the app and new directions!

Removal of Tracking Features

All diary and journaling features have been removed and put on hold. This is to refocus the development time to more impactful areas for product research.

Streamlined Interface for Reviewing and Blacklisting

As the previous laboratory interface was not very intuitive, I have worked hard to bring this unified interface for all your tested products. As is the case with all new interfaces, do let me know if you experience any new bugs.

New home interface

Required Email Verification

In an effort to combat spammers, I have introduced a required email verification process on registration and sign in. If your email was previously unverified, you will be prompted to verify it on signing in again.

Realignment of Dev Priorities and Upcoming Features

As the journaling features were not gaining much traction or demand, as mentioned above, I had decided to shelve work on it until a later date. As such, I will be focusing much more on the analytics areas of the app, which are my forte. With this release, I have introduced an improved web crawler for discovering new products automatically. As I write this email, my little PillowSkin Bots are indexing Sephora and expanding our product database. I will be introducing support for more sites, such as Ulta, YesStyle, Jolse, and Cosmetic Love.

The following are in the works:

  • Ingredient Risk Analysis: An improvement over the previous version, a risk score for ingredients will be calculated based on what is in your whitelist/blacklist. This will also factor in the underlying comedogenicity of the ingredient.
  • Product Analysis: A new feature, where we perform an objective analysis based on the company's claims, ingredient list, and check them against existing medical research. I hope to include aspects such as brand transparency, marketing claims, and ecological impact.

The Product Analysis feature is a long term planned feature, as there are other backend areas that need to be implemented before it is introduced. However, this is to give you an idea of what I envision PillowSkin to be.

Single Unified “Enthusiast” Plan

The app has graduated from Early Access stage and is now ready to become proper business. Yay! I have retired the two-tier pricing model, and simplified everything into a single Enthusiast plan, with pricing dropped to US$19/month. This plan has all features available, and will be considered the “top tier” plan. This should be the last pricing change for the foreseeable future. Do consider supporting the development!😄

That's all the changes for now, stay tuned for more upcoming features!