The PillowSkin Forum and Guides

By Tze Yiing Published on Feb 2, 2020

A brand new year calls for a brand new update! This update brings about community features as well as the rolling out of the PillowSkin Guides. We have also moved the location of the PillowSkin Blog to .

Community Forum

We now have a brand new forum for PillowSkin! As mentioned in our previous update post, I have been hard at work to integrate forum software into the application. The goals of the community aspects of PillowSkin is to foster friendships, have constructive discussions, and also build support systems for our community of skincare enthusiasts, helping each other as we fight our way through the skincare battlefield and achieve our individual skincare goals.

The PillowSkin Forum

As such, I have opted for a traditional forum, which will help to encourage longer-form discussion topics. This does not mean that the forum is a serious-posts-only type of forum. No, no, no. Too much seriousness kills the fun in everything. Feel free to post about your rants, product raves, reviews, shelfies, etcetera.

Additionally, for an added layer of privacy, there are subscriber-only categories that are only accessible to logged-in subscribers. These will not be viewable by search engines, so you don't have to be afraid of your selfie suddenly appearing on a Google image search.

Besides skincare-related posts, I will be using the forum for customer support, so do post any feature requests or feedback on the forum.

Do note that you will need to use your PillowSkin details when logging into the forum.

The PillowSkin Guides

In addition to setting up the community forum, I have been cultivating my writing skills with our brand new PillowSkin Guides. This is a collection of continuously updated articles all about skincare, and my vision for this is to cover all aspects of skincare product testing, product researching, as well as routine building.

One key aspect of the guides that I will stick to my guns for, is the no specific product or brand recommendation aspect. This means that I will do any product shoutouts or brand shoutouts (besides certain trusted vendors). This is because of the inherent biases that arises from product pushing. I want the guides the be the independent voice in a sea of sharks that are all trying to bait readers into clicking links or making purchases.

The articles can all be discussed on the community forum, so do let me know if you spot mistakes or want to suggest improvements to the guides.

The articles released so far are for building a basic routine and are for absolute beginners:

  1. Getting the Mindset for Skincare
  2. Identifying your Skin Concerns
  3. All about Face Cleansers
  4. Moisturise Me!
  5. Let's Scream for Sunscreen
  6. Basic Routine Checkpoint

Due to the overlapping goals of the guides and the templates, I will be converting all the templates into specific guides for each template over time, showing how to incorporate specific ingredients into your routine with the correct precautions needed.

Looking Forward…

The next update would include more advanced product analysis tools, as well as product reviewing. The forum discussion for the design of the product review feature is here.

The forum will also be integrated into the application, such that there will be an easy-to-access forum feed from the app.

Additionally, special thanks to Hirile for contributing Safari screenshots for our blog post on saving the PillowSkin Webapp to your homescreen!