Searching and Multi Routines

By Tze Yiing Published on Nov 4, 2019

This update brings about two main improvements:

  1. Product Searching
  2. Multi-Routines

A variety of stability improvements and fixes are included too. Also, there is a new simplified onboarding for new users, as I had received some feedback that getting started was a little complicated.

There is a new search tab that is now included within the app, where you can search easily for products.

Products can be searched for through the Search tab.

With this feature implemented, I will now be able to start on product research features that many of you have been waiting for. This includes price tracking and alerts, auto-ingredient flagging (from your blacklists), and much more.

Feature Improvements

Multi-routines are now supported. This means that you can now have, for example, 3 different routine variations saved separately, instead of multiple duplicate steps within the same routine.

Multiple routines are now supported.

Note: Routine sections will be removed in the future. However, you do not need to manually copy out all the steps to a separate routine right now; it will be done automatically for you.

Concurrent product testing is still a work-in-progress, as I am still designing the optimal way to encourage good patch testing practices. If you have a specific method of how you are doing your patch testing now, do reach out and let me know!

Wrapping Up The Year

Although PillowSkin is still only 6 months old, there is still so much more to be done! I have only accomplished just the tip of the iceberg, and it could not have been done without you, the users. The feedback has led to so many changes for the better, such that when I look back at old blog posts, the user interface is almost unrecognizable from first launch 😊. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who has helped me to make the app a reality, even if it was simply an email.

What's Next

I think that I have mentioned quite a lot of the features planned over the past few update emails, and quite a few has either been shelved, changed, or binned. This is mostly due to feedback that I receive. However, what I can let you know that won't change, is what is already under development😉. The following features discussed will be for a 2 month timeframe.

Community Forum

A community forum will be set up soon. This will be for all users, with a publicly viewable area as well as a private members area. This will be used for PillowSkin-specific things such as help and support, feature discussions and polls. It will also be used for general skincare discussions such as product discussions. I intend for it to be a high-quality long-discussion forum where members can hang out, discuss topics, make new friends and maybe learn new things.

In The Next Update…

  • Ingredient references: This feature will involve improvements to the ingredient lists, where a recognized ingredient will be highlighted to help further research about specific ingredients.
  • Product reviewing: This feature will encourage high quality critical reviews and serve as a way for you to keep track of your thoughts on your product tests.

In Future Updates…

  • Concurrent product testing: As mentioned above, this is currently being planned and designed.
  • Price tracking: This feature will allow you to check historical prices of a product. It can help you avoid getting tricked into scummy sales tactics and also help give alerts to buy when the price is right.

Long Term Sustainability and Early Access

As I have been playing out-of-pocket to fund this product, it is not sustainable for me to carry on doing so for the long term. As such, once the above 5 major features discussed has been implemented, I will begin implementing payments and retiring Early Access for PillowSkin. All users who join and begin using PillowSkin during Early Access (i.e. before payments begin) will have their subscription pricing frozen at the current US$30 per month forever and will be provided full access to every feature developed in the future as a big thank you.

Changes in Plans

The Hobby and Serious plans will be renamed, as well as their feature scopes adjusted. This will be in line with a shift towards providing all users with core research and tracking functionality for the basic plan, while providing premium features for virtual coaching. As noted above, all users signed up during Early Access will effectively have access to all premium features.