Blacklisting Products, Test Reviews

By Tze Yiing Published on Nov 4, 2019

This update brings 1 new feature and a few enhancements to make product testing easier!

New Feature: Blacklisting Products

This new feature allows you to keep track of the products that have negative reactions for your skin.

Combined with an ingredient list, the app will cross-reference the ingredient names with other products in the list, and will list out possible trigger ingredients.

The algorithm used also takes into account whitelisted product ingredients (for example, a lotion that your skin reacts indifferently to).

In the future, I will be further enhancing the algorithm to account for the type of the ingredient, and their comedogenic rating.

Feature Enhancement: Test Reviews

Ever wanted to find out if a product is actually having any effect on your skin? You can now visually do by comparing journal photos taken during test periods.

If you find that results are satisfactory, you can merge the tested changes into your safe routine, or just simply archive the test.

I have personally used this feature to ditch some useless products from my routine, so I hope that you find it useful too.

Keep a look out for the November update, which will be focusing on the journaling and onboarding experience. Sincere apologies for the subpar onboarding experience for new users, as my efforts have been focused on the new feature. As always, you can contact me through