Progress Tracking For Your Skin

By Tze Yiing Published on Sep 6, 2019

Progress tracking is here! 🎊🎉🎊

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Progress Tracking: Save your photos and notes about your skin. Try it in the “Testing” tab.
  • Custom products: To add in products that are not in the database yet. Try it when searching for products while editing a step.
  • Wording change: “Safe routines” will now be the word used to refer to the version of a routine that does not adversely affect your skin.

Feature: Progress Tracking

This feature allows users to save their thoughts on products being used, as well as to keep a visual record of your skin.

When accessing the testing calendar, you will see a new button “New Progress Entry”. By clicking on it, it will create a new Progress Entry for you to fill up.

The New Progress Entry Button

If you have past photos and notes that you would like to store, you can backdate the entry by changing the date of the entry.

The date and time field can be edited.

Besides the preset 4 angles (front, left side, right side, jawline), you can add in other angles as well.

Photos can be saved to each entry

Lastly, you can store free form text notes in the entry.

Feature: Custom Products

You can now add custom products to your steps, to make your routines even more detailed and comprehensive.

Custom products can be added to steps.

Do note that admins will monitor these custom products to prioritize brands to be added into the database.

Terminology Changes

To make versioning more understandable, the old term of “stable” will be replaced with the word “safe”. This implies that a “safe routine” is a routine that does not cause breakouts or negatively affect the skin.

Upcoming Features

The progress tracking feature, as the app’s most important feature, is far from complete.

Do expect to see the following capabilities as I polish this feature:

  • Marking of completed steps
  • Reviewing of scheduled versions (i.e. see if a change in your routine works)
  • Product mini-reviews