Schedule Versions of your Routine

By Tze Yiing Published on Jul 9, 2019

A new week, a new feature 🎉🎉! This update includes the scheduling feature and many more bug fixes.

New Feature: Scheduling

The scheduling feature is now ready! This feature allows you to schedule different versions of your routine for each day.

You can assign specific versions to dates.

You are only able to use one version per day, and on days that there are no versions scheduled, the routine displayed will default to your stable routine. You can use this feature to space out your product testing.

This is a small feature, but a critical one that helps to lead up to the next big feature, progress journaling.

New Resources: Routine Templates, Free and Publicly Available

I have made all routine templates publicly available in an effort to help combat poorly-researched routine guides such as this Reddit post. If you have found the templates useful, do help to share these templates to people who would benefit from them.

Bug Fixes

The following is the list of relevant user experience bug fixes fixed in this update:

  • Expired account setup links no longer require contacting us for a new link. If you have experienced difficulty setting up your account (such as experiencing an internal server error) , you can try again using the expired link.
  • New versions are now shown correctly when using Quick Create to generate new test versions.
  • Searching products now shows if a product cannot be found in the database.

Big thank you to bericoco and Karamiara for reporting the bugs above.

Upcoming Features

Mobile-first interface: This will be arriving sometime this week, and will not be announced in the newsletter. This will include a major usability update to help provide a smoother mobile experience.

Manual product adding: This will include a mechanism for users to manually input products, which will be able to be linked to products when they are added into the database.

Progress Journaling: This feature will be announced in the next newsletter, along with any other features or fixes that I am able to cover within that time.