Sharing Routines Just Got a Lot More Easier

By Tze Yiing Published on Jun 2, 2019

If you're a skincare evangelist (as I am), I am sure that you have typed out your skincare routines and Holy Grail products for the umpteenth time whenever someone asks you, “What's your skincare routine?". Or maybe you just want to spread the skincare love and recommend everyone you know routines to use. Well, how do you do this without repeating yourself?

Feature Update: Sharing of Routines

Prior to this update, routines created by each user were completely private and could not be shared to friends and family easily. Although it allowed users to privately build their routines in peace, it did not make it easy to share routines to others.

To respect each user's privacy, all routines created are automatically set as private routines, meaning that only the user can view and update their routine. This ensure that personal routines are not accidentally exposed on the web.

To enable sharing for a routine, all you have to do is to flip the switch when viewing the routine.

My routine with sharing enabled.

By enabling sharing, you are essentially publishing that routine to the web, where anyone with that link will be able to view it. Of course, if your routine is very personal and you don't want people to know about the exact steps and products that you use, don't share it!

However, besides sharing just the link to the routine, you can also generate the text versions of the routine. Currently, the option available are plain text and markdown (for Reddit). Frequent Instagram posters may find the plain text option useful and you can easily copy-paste the text to your social media posts for some structured formatting.

Plain text generated for my routine.

Bug Fixes

There has been a few bugs fixes since the initial release, and I would like to thank all users who had contributed to bug reports and product suggestions.

Notably, there has been a fix in the link for setting up accounts. Hence, I will be re-sending the link to all users who have yet to set up their accounts. Do note that this link expires within 3 days, after which you would have to request for a new link.