Early Access Is Now Available

By Tze Yiing Published on May 27, 2019

I am (very) proud to announce that PillowSkin has reached its very first milestone, and will be transitioning into from closed development into the Early Access stage.

What Is Early Access?

Early Access refers to our soft-launch for PillowSkin, where users will be able to use and test out all features for free. During this stage, many features are still being developed and processes are being optimized.

To become an Early Access user, you would have to sign up to the waiting list on our home page. This waiting list is required, as we are carefully monitoring the performance of the application and we want to ensure that all users receive the best possible experience without unnecessary downtime.

For people who are already on the waiting list, we will sending out the first wave of accounts, so do keep a look out for an email from us in your inbox.

New Feature: Routines Recording

As of now, the Routines Recording feature has been completed, allowing you to record down your entire routine into sections and steps. A section represents a portion of your daily routine, such in the morning (AM) or in the evening (PM). You can add as many sections as you like, such as “After Lunch In Office” or “Trips to the Beach”.

My own personal routine in the dashboard.

Each section is broken down further into steps. Each step represents one

e action that you take within your entire routine. You can also customize steps to represent waiting, add a custom description, or even add multiple products to a step (for those who like to combine products together).

You can customize your step in the step editor.

You are also able to specific weekly recurrence pattern for the step, allowing you to customize and schedule active products to be used only on certain days of the week. This would be handy for people who use products with active ingredients that may react with each other. It will then affect whether the step is highlighted in the dashboard for that day.

On days where the step is not active, the step is greyed out.

Upcoming features

  1. Routine Versioning : This feature will allow you to create multiple versions of a routine for testing changes that you make to your skincare routine.
  2. Sharing of Routines : This feature will allow you to share your skincare routine easily with friends and family, or for you to release the skincare evangelist within you and create routines for your loved ones that they can then refer to.

Want to Help?

As I am still building up the product database, do let me know if I have missed out on your favourite products from the app. Any bug reports would also be greatly appreciated. You can contact us through our support email, mailto:support@pillowskin.com, or through the in-app feedback sender. You can also share your ideas and experiences with us, or help to spread the word!