About PillowSkin

PillowSkin is a skincare analytics application.

Why was PillowSkin created?

Building a skincare routine is hard. It is not just understanding the ingredients, but it includes testing products, tracking your skin results, optimize for efficiency and cost, and build good habits. To make things even harder, there are companies that put out sub-par products, use shady marketing tactics or marketing fluff, and make unsupported claims. Not only that, but consumer safety and trust are big issues too.

PillowSkin was created to save time, effort, and money. It is designed to simplify the process of building, testing, and researching a skincare routine. It also aims to provide comprehensive information on products, ingredient, and companies. It aims to let users be fully in-the-know when making decisions on their own skincare journey.

See the features list for more details.


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Behind the Pillow

PillowSkin was created by me, Tze Yiing. I am a self-taught programmer based in Singapore. I am also a trained accountant, with experience working on fraud analytics and prediction modelling. When not programming, I enjoy weightlifting, running, and of course, skincare. When inspiration strikes, I also write about technical stuff on my blog.

PillowSkin has been in operation since May 2019.


I do not do not provide an ad-supported tier. This is because I want to ensure sole accountability towards my users only. I do not sell or exchange any data within the app with 3rd parties. In the future, if funding permits, I would like to provide audit reports on PillowSkin operations for greater accountability.


Can PillowSkin give medical advice on my skin?

No. PillowSkin is a tool for Over The Counter (OTC) skincare products. It does not provide medical advice or prescribe medication. Please seek a dermatologist for medical advice.

That said, PillowSkin may encourage good skincare habits, such as patch testing products, creating usage schedules, and tracking your skin’s reaction to products. This approach may help you isolate the causes for your skin issues, or identify OTC products that do not break you out.