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PillowSkin aims to help people on their journey to better skin, by making skincare and beauty easy, understandable, and accessible.

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Behind the Pillow, Under the Skin

Why was PillowSkin created?

Building a skincare routine is hard. Not just hard to understand, but hard to test products, track progress, and build good habits. To make things even harder for the average person, there are so many different variables that can affect a person’s skin, and what may work for one person may not work for another for a variety of reasons (as the saying goes, Your Mileage May Vary).

PillowSkin was created to solve all that, designed to make things easier for skincare enthusiasts to build and optimize their skincare routine to become the best that it could be. We want to make tracking things easier for our users, so that they can save time, effort, and money when pursuing their skincare passion.

PillowSkin is designed for customers from any skincare experience level. Whether you currently use body soap for your face, or regularly use snail slime, we hope to make PillowSkin useful for you.

We intend to make skincare easier to understand without the marketing fluff, by making it easier to analyze products for what they truly are, as well as helping our users steer away from pseudoscience skincare “tips”.

We also want our customers to feel more confident about themselves, their skincare routines, and the products used, to help our customers progress further along on their skincare journey.

We try to do right by our customers. This is why we do not provide an ad-supported tier and we do not sell or exchange any data with 3rd parties.

Will PillowSkin solve my acne?

No. PillowSkin is a tool that provides a structure to tackling skincare Over The Counter (OTC) products. It does not provide medical advice or prescribe medication. Please seek a dermatologist for medical advice.

That said, PillowSkin will be able to encourage good skincare habits, such as patch testing products, creating usage schedules, and tracking your skin’s reaction to products. This approach may help you isolate the causes for your acne, or identify OTC products that do not break you out, but it cannot solve medical issues or constitute medical advice.